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A Good Time for a Ceiling Fan

It’s a hot, sticky day and you emerge at home from your nicely air-conditioned car. The A/C at home has been on low efficiency – or turned off entirely – while you were at work. It will take a while to move the temperature down to a tolerable level, so in the meantime, you seek out the coolest room in your home. Wouldn’t this be a good time for a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans not only provide that delightful breeze – drying your skin and cooling it at the same time – but they can also save you money. By keeping air circulating around your home, you move the cold air around and the air movement actually helps human bodies stay cooler. In winter, this effect is called the “wind chill,” and the same theory is at work during the summer – but it’s a lot more pleasant. Because of wind chill, homeowners can lower their energy costs by setting a higher A/C temperature – without loss of comfort.

Today’s ceiling fans are more efficient than ever, and come in nearly unlimited choices of finish, width, blade count and light. Traditionalists can choose from hundreds of styles in Panama-style fans or cottage-inspired wooden finishes. Find these styles from Casablanca (Panama, Heritage), Kichler (Basics or Eads lines), Minka Aire (Classica, Delano) and Monte Carlo (Penninsula, Homebuilder II).

But most ceiling fan manufacturers now offer a stunning selection of contemporary styles – ranging from nearly unrecognizable-as-fans designs to broadly sweeping designs with anywhere from one to eight blades. Contemporary finishes are often metals: brushed nickel, stainless steel, silver and even matte black. Check out the Light Wave from Minka Aire, featuring a sculptural 3-blade design with integrated LED light. Or the Torto from Fanimation – a contemporary design that moves air down at an angle, rather than straight down.

There are huggers for lower-ceiling rooms or finished basements and oversized fans (60″, 70″ or even 84″) for high foyers and maximum air circulation.

Keep your porch, patio or deck cool this summer with a wet- or damp-rated outdoor fan – also available in a broad selection of metal, resin or acrylic blades to stand up to wilting humidity.

Before deciding on a fan, be sure to talk to one of our ceiling fan experts. We can help you choose the right fan for indoors or out and help you sort through the often-confusing number of options including blade pitch, size, downrod length, light kit and speedGet The Look For LessGet The Look For Less

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5 Tips for Upgrading Your Bath Lighting

In 2015 people spent a record $300 billion on renovations in their homes, and it’s predicted that spending in 2016 will set yet another record.* One of the most in-demand renovations is for bathrooms, often including an upgrade to LED lighting fixtures, along with other environmentally-sound products such as low-flow commodes to save water.

Why LED? Here are five tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Prices are Down – The growth of the LED lighting market has driven down prices of both bulbs and fixtures, so your upfront cost to upgrade to LED has gone way down. You may choose to just replace your vanity light bulbs with LED – or you may opt for one of the sleek new contemporary LED fixtures – or a mirror with embedded LED strips.

2. Style is Up – LED is cool – both in style and actual temperature. Designers are being freed of the old “bulb-and-socket” limitation in lighting design, and are creating amazing fixtures that cross the boundary from function to art. Gone are the old ugly flush mounts – replaced by sleek recessed LED lights, or subtle LED strip lighting around the mirror or the tub.

3. Natural Light Quality – Early LED products often had a sterile white or blue light reminiscent of office lighting. Today’s LED bulbs and fixtures mimic incandescent lighting to the extent that you can hardly tell them apart. Many fixtures are also dimmable, making them an excellent choice for bath lighting. New LED fixtures can also be much smaller because they are more efficient, so homeowners with smaller bath spaces can still have full illumination without oversized fixtures.

4. Connectivity – The next big lighting trend for many homeowners will be connectivity. LED lighting can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet with a lighting control app from companies such as Lutron, Leviton and legrand. Forget to turn off the bathroom light? Tap the app on your device and it’s done. Beyond the bathroom, digital control can also make your home more secure, allowing you to control your lighting remotely.

5. Energy Savings – The entire impetus behind the Energy and Independence Act of 2007 was to decrease our reliance on foreign energy sources. For lighting products, the law did not ban incandescent bulbs, but it set efficiency requirements that forced the lighting industry to come up with new ways to deliver energy-efficient light to step down energy use over 10 to 15 years. That resulted in the development of LED bulbs, which use dramatically less energy than old incandescent bulbs. The energy savings add up tremendously as homeowners replace hot, inefficient incandescent bulbs with cool LED.

LEDs will continue to light the way with style options, technology, energy efficiency and function. Don’t be left behind – talk to us about upgrading your bathroom lighting and join the LED revolution!

* MarketWatch “Here’s what’s behind America’s renewed mania for home renovation

Outdoor Lighting advice New

Outdoor Lighting – Not Just For The Front Door Anymore

Outdoor lighting has expanded beyond the front door. Homeowners are now designing their lighting plans to expand their space, creating a balance between the inside and outside of their homes. Rather than seeing a dark wall through a window at night, homeowners are now creating beautifully lit exteriors with a variety of LED lighting fixtures that invite the outdoors into the home.

LED technology has made outdoor lighting less expensive and virtually maintenance free. LED is 6 times more efficient and lasts 12 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Recent advances in LED technology include apps that can be downloaded for even greater control of timing and lighting levels from the convenience of a smart phone.

If you already have outdoor lighting installed – don’t worry, you can still change to LED. Just bring your incandescent bulb to us for advice on screw-in LED replacement bulbs. We are your LED lighting experts!

lighting design trends for 2016

2016 Lighting Design Trends

lighting design trends for 2016

Choosing new lighting fixtures for your home can be both fun and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many choices, from design decisions to the many bulb options.

The recent Lightovation lighting conference in Dallas highlighted some new trends for 2016, while validating the industry-wide trend to adopt LED lighting technology.

A big design trend for 2016 is Midcentury Modern, as translated by many lighting manufacturers, including Kichler, Progress Lighting, Hinkley and Sonneman. This trend harkens back to the 50’s and 60’s of the last century, expressing a desire for simpler times and an understated, less-is-more attitude. These designs play well with any décor, from modern to more traditional rooms, since their clean lines blend easily.

Another trend is oversized fixtures, including chandeliers, pendants and especially ceiling fans. Multi-tier chandeliers look great in a high-ceiling entryway or foyer, filling the space and directing the eye upward. Large pendants can work in large or smaller spaces; it’s best to use multiples in larger spaces, but one oversized pendant in a smaller space makes a beautiful impact. Progress Lighting’s 2016 styles include oversized pendants to make a bold statement in a two-story foyer or cathedral ceiling.

Ceiling fans are getting bigger and bigger, making a huge design statement while delivering impressive air circulation and helping to reduce energy costs. Minka Aire is offering a new 99″ ceiling fan while Quorum International has a Windmill Fan design that would be equally at home in a barn or a high-end custom home.

The popularity of warmer finishes has inspired lighting designers to add new looks in warm gold, muted brass tones and even burnished nickel or silver. Many lighting designers are now mixing metals: gold with silver, copper with brass, for a sophisticated modern look.

Whatever your design style, stop by to see the newest 2016 lighting trends and talk to our lighting experts about bringing these new elements into your home lighting layout.



LED Tape Lighting: Flexible and Cool


Lighting experts acknowledge that LED tape lighting is rapidly replacing traditional recessed undercabinet lighting, thanks to its ease of installation, warm color temperature and low profile.

The most popular application for LED tape lighting is kitchen under cabinet lighting. It places light closer to work surfaces and avoids casting shadows for tasks such as food prep, recipe reading and cooking. Tape lighting also allows for edge-to-edge coverage of cabinets, which eliminates bright spots or dark spots.

Another use for LED tape lighting is in toe kicks, since it is low profile and easily hidden in narrow spaces. It can also be run along the tops of cabinets to provide more ambient light, or inside cabinets to add light to dark corners and put the spotlight on collections, glassware, etc. One of the benefits of LEDs is no heat production – so cabinets stay cool.

Many homeowners use tape lighting for cove lighting or around a skylight as an accent – it can be concealed under or behind shelving, or inside a niche. Tape lighting can also be placed on stair risers to make ascending or descending easier, especially for older homeowners. The energy efficiency of LEDs makes them ideal for these application – they can be left on 24/7 with extremely low energy cost.

Do you have an outdoor fountain, pool or hot tub? New wet application tape lighting will allow you to put your garden or deck in a whole new light – just talk to our lighting experts about options.

It’s important to choose quality LED tape lighting for the best color temperature. Inexpensive LEDs tend to lose both power and consistent color over time. Our staff can Kelvin-scalehelp you choose a good color temperature (high CRI) for even coverage and long-lasting output. Per the Kelvin chart, a good temperature is in the 2,700 to 3,200 degree range for a warmer color.

Many types of tape lighting are easily installed by you or, if you prefer, an electrician. The flexible tape has a sticky back that adheres to a cabinet or shelf and can be threaded around or through tight spaces. There are plug-in transformers that use existing outlets – or drivers that give more control and can be hidden in a cabinet or on top of the refrigerator.

Come in today to talk to us about upgrading your kitchen, living room, dining room or stairs with LED tape lighting! We’ll help you make the best decision for your investment.

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